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Welcome To Wegiecraft!

Wegiecraft is just a server where you get to play minecraft with plugins such as Factions, Mcmmo, Economy, and many more. We only put we are searching for staff on our youtube page because we don't want millions from other websites begging for staff. Many people Will most likely apply for staff so we might not get to you for a while. Searching for staff is not our first priority on this server, yes they help but we have much of the stuff under control. Griefing is allowed so we won't need staff for that. Wegiecraft also brings a bright happy spawn with many secrets to be discovered that will help you alter on. Not only that but our market for the first time will now have a Item of the day, and that item will go on sale for a random percent. So that means a diamond could be worth 1$ one day or it could be full price. This adds a fun way for people to stay up to date with out item shop. Not only that but we do not sell griefing material at the shop currently so people don't just run around spamming tnt everywhere. Well i hope to see you guys on the server soon!

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